Ras Slick Movement

About Ras Slick

There are scores of Reggae singers, but there is for sure only one Ras Slick. Hailing from Westmoreland Jamaica, the uber talented artist was exposed to music from birth. But it was the tender age of 5 when the young Sylburn Rowe recognized his calling, music. Influenced by his Mom, who often performed memorable solos in church, Ras Slick wholeheartedly embraced his gift and began developing his skills.

By primary school, Ras Slick moved full speed into performing. While honing his talent, he graced the stage of numerous school concerts and shows. He further solidified his gift in technical high school with performances throughout the local area. The singer’s Friday night performances, a hit among local patrons, also sparked the interests of music industry movers and shakers.

As fate would have it, Ras Slick recorded his very first song, “Still Loving You,” in 2005. The entertainer experienced an incredible rush while recording; almost as powerful as when he performed on stage. Ras Slick’s passion and innate ability to command both stages and recording booths worked in his favor as did the popularity of his first single, resulting in a coveted position as Entertainment Coordinator at Beaches Resort & Spa in Negril, Jamaica. Ras Slick delivered exceptional performances, consisting of singing and dancing, as well as organizing recreational activities for travelers all over the world.

Dedication and hard work secured Ras Slick an Entertainment Coordinator position and ultimately one of Entertainment Manager at the new RIU Tropical Bay Resort (Negril, JA). With the new title and move came the opportunity for greater performances and selling music (CDs) to thousands of people. The recognition from his CDs and music was overwhelming, so much so that he was afforded opportunities to share the stage with top Jamaican artists including Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Lady Saw, Elephant Man, Jah Cure and Aidonia, among many others.

Ras Slick eventually moved on to production, releasing a number of songs while in Jamaica, with “Life” (the single) and his first solo album “My Life” serving as true testaments to his creative driving force. The extremely talented, yet amazingly humble Ras Slick, was elated with these efforts’ successes and radio play, ultimately securing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the Reggae music industry.

Fast forward to today and you will witness an artist who has evolved into a full-fledged entertainer, savvy business person, song writer, music producer and live performer. Now residing in the metropolitan Washington, DC area, Ras Slick is an undeniable mainstay on the performance circuit. Along with his diversely talented and eclectic band Dutty Bus Crew, Ras Slick is winning over the hearts of fans up and down the East Coast. From headlining music festivals and high profile venues to concert halls and intimate venues, Ras Slick leaves an indelible mark on all in attendance.

The popular singer’s recorded music continues to leave a lasting effect on listeners. He received wide attention and acclaim for his “Help” EP. Released during the summer of 2015, “Help” was ushered in with great reviews and reception from consumers. Without question, “Help” made a thrilling contribution to Reggae music’s dominance in 2015. Much to his credit, Ras Slick amassed an incredible media buzz and significant radio play following the release of the amazing “Hold on Me” (with Jah Cure), an infectious remix of “Your Love” from the EP. “Hold on Me” indisputably catapulted Ras Slick to international status, causing his fan base to skyrocket. “Hold on Me” is still a sizzler, consistently making its way to radio stations and mixes from top Reggae DJs.

Ras Slick’s hard work constantly pays off. He nabbed Best Male Vocalist awards for 2013 and 2014 from the DC Annual Reggae Music Awards (ARMA). The singer and entrepreneur joined forces with Spirit Cruises to host three “Reggae Rocks Potomac” boat rides, as a part of the entertainment giant’s first ever “DC After Dark” Reggae concert cruises. And as if things couldn’t get hotter, Ras Slick opened “My Time Studio,” a state-of-the-art recording studio in the DC area. “My Time Studio” is available to both established and aspiring artists and musicians of all genres interested in quality recordings, professionalism, comfort and affordability.